Products Specification

The diameter of axle is 24mm, the length is 170mm. Unfolded width is 98mm, the plates thickness is 4mm. It is suitable for the door: The height is between 1.8mand 2.5m, the width is between 0.7m to 1.2m. The thickness is between 42mm and 60mm.


Core technology

Products come from the international high precision machinery.
Service objects of Luxury multi-functional door closers are the government departments. High-grate hotels, office buildings, entertainment and top-grade residential area, etc.

The function and characteristic

Multi-functional door closers possess the advantage of automatic, steady and buffer closed between 0 and 90. The door will be gradually accelerated closed before locking between 10 and 15. Door system of the stopping can be arbitrarily positioning between 90 and 180.

Reliable and stable, durable working life
Advanced processing technology ensure first-class quality.
Easy installation.
Unique function of shock absorbing. Guarantee human safety when door is slammed by large pressure.
Adjustable speed of closure.
Shock absorbing function prevents accidents involving elderly users, children or pets.